How to Attract a Man: 5 Qualities That’ll Make You a Man Magnet

Confused about what it really takes to attract a man?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just understand how attraction works for men? I mean how it really works?

Although every man is different, and will be attracted to and by different things and different women (which helps keep the world interesting!), there are a few commonalities that men will be attracted to.

Some methods of attraction take a little while to soak in, and require a little more time to know each other, while others are pretty obvious and can be used (or noticed) right off the bat.

The key to every successful relationship is knowing what these keys to attraction are, and sustaining them over the long term. Attracting a man isn't just about first impressions, or keeping his attention through the fourth or fifth date. Keeping your man attracted is something you should be committed to for the full length of your relationship.

But the good news is...

How to attract a man, and how attraction works for men, is actually much easier than many women think. Here are 5 man-attraction qualities you can easily master to turn yourself into a man magnet... without changing who you are.


He Finds You Physically Attractive

Now before you go getting all mad at men for thinking looks are important, (or at me for pointing it out!) you need to realize you're exactly the same!

Physical attraction is an obvious first for all of us, men can just be a bit more blunt and obnoxious about it.

Yes, men like and are easily initially attracted to hot women. We are reminded of this all day long because the world of advertising is built on this notion.

A beautiful woman is something special to a man, and when a beautiful woman pays attention to him, and maybe even indicates she's interested in him, he is instantly attracted. (And probably also completely distracted and infatuated!)

But remember, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and every man will be attracted to different kinds of beauty. Never try to force yourself into a mold you're assuming he'll find attractive. Focus on looking your personal best in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.

The confidence you'll exude is super important to attracting men... which we'll take a deeper look at below. 

You don’t need to look like Jennifer Aniston, but do look great around the man you're interested in (or in a relationship with). When you put in the effort, he'll notice and his wheels of attraction for you will get (or keep) spinning.


He Feels Good Around You

A man’s level of attraction towards one particular woman will increase if he always feels good around her.

It is possible, on occasion, for him to be attracted to other women who make him feel good when he's around them. But... if he has one girlfriend or is married, his attraction to that woman will deepen over time because she has her own special way of making him feel great.

She compliments him regularly, says thank you when he does something nice, and she never seems to get caught up in drama or games or conflict (which can turn an outwardly gorgeous woman ugly in a quick hurry!).

Her appreciation for him is real, sincere and without ulterior motives. 

She is also regularly taking an interest in what's important to him, and doing nice and unexpected things for him that make him feel he's special and an important part of her life... without expecting anything in exchange. 

This kind of woman is easy to feel good around, and when he finds this, his attraction will increase and he will simply want to be around her more.

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How to attract a man

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He Knows He'll be Forgiven Easily

Women who constantly nag their boyfriend or partner over every little thing become less and less attractive to their man over time... even if they turn heads in every room they walk into. 

If something less than wonderful comes up and she downplays it as no big deal (instead of blowing it way out of proportion), or expresses gratitude for an apology and lets things go, she becomes very attractive to him.

This sends him the message that as they go through life together, she will not hang onto the small stuff and use it against him every. single. chance she gets. It goes back to being easy to be with.

This can hold true from the first date to the 50th anniversary. If he spills his wine on you on the first date and you freak out, he will remember that moment for many days, weeks even, after the fact.

If he does something you simply cannot or should not forgive, it's probably time to consider ending the relationship instead of constantly making the both of you miserable by reliving the problem every chance you get. 

If his mess-up is not worth ending the relationship over then forgive with dignity and grace and move on


He Finds Your Confidence Super Sexy 

Men rate confident women as one of the most appealing kinds of women to be with.

A woman who knows who she is but doesn’t flaunt it with arrogance, isn’t afraid to go after what she wants but doesn't act like her life depend on it and isn’t afraid to call someone’s bluff or call someone out is very sexy to a man.

This is not something you can fake; if it isn’t real, he will catch on very soon. Confidence can be developed however.

This kind of confidence is the same thing that increases attraction in women. If a man is bold enough to go after you, you find it sexy. The same concept applies both ways.

If you carry yourself in the world like you intrinsically don’t care what other people think of you, and have yourself involved in activities, or causes, or organizations that are important to you, he will be very, very attracted. 

Rock your own style, feel good about your path and let yourself feel good in your own skin. If the latest trends don't suit you, don't try to sport them. You'll be far more confident and sexy if you're in the world as the real you. 


He Finds Your Smile Powerfully Irresistible

This is one of the easiest ways to create attraction in a man, and many women overlook this all-important rule.

Women who smile frequently have active social lives because they are all of the above points rolled into one. They are confident, prettier, easy to be with and probably quick to forgive if they are smiling a lot.

A smile to a man you’ve never met before sends the message that you are approachable, happy and fun.

A smile to a man whom you are dating sends the message that you still like him, find him enjoyable to be with and you're happy he's in your life. 

A smile to the man you are married to says, “Everything is going to be okay no matter what we challenges we face today.”

Women forget how powerful their smile is, and it is such an easy tool to use to create attraction in men.

Don't Overcomplicate What It Takes to Attract a Man

The bottom line with understanding how to attract men is to not put too much thought, stress and anxiety into it.

Over thinking this just might be backfiring on you. This is another one of those cases where men are much simpler creatures than we women like to think.

Smile more, look great without trying too hard, be easy to be around, forgive easily and don’t act like the world depends on him calling you back, and he will think you are too good to be true. As you master these principles, his attraction for you will increase.

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