7 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest in Women They Once Loved (and What to Do about It)

Do you ever wonder why exactly so many men fall out of love?

Have you seen a couple fall apart that took you by surprise?

Is it possible to overcome the problems that make men lose interest?

It's a very challenging situation when a man loses interest, particularly when it's with a woman that he once loved deeply.

Contrary to what many of us think as women, it's not a matter that he enjoys or thrives on.

Most men don't really want to hurt a woman, particularly if she is one who has been the object of his affection.

There are, however, some issues that most commonly lead to a man losing interest and thus running away.

Although you may think that it's all your fault as a woman, some of it has much to do with who you are as a couple.

Being in tune to these common problem areas can really help you to overcome them in the end.

If you want to try to avoid having the man in your life move on without you, here are some things to avoid or be aware of.


The Two of You Have Become Far Too Comfortable around Each Other

Being in tune to each other and having a certain comfort level is great, but when that comfort level gets to be a little too much, that's when a lot of men lose interest.

They still want to think of you as a lady and want to keep some things private.

Leave some things to the imagination and never stop being a lady in front of your man.

Something as simple as keeping the bathroom door open can be an instant turn-off to many men, so that's easy enough to avoid and ensure that comfort doesn't become an intrusion.


The Spark and Attraction Just Isn't There Anymore

You can't fake passion, and when you have to begin trying to fake it, that's when things tend to fall apart.

There had to have been a spark or some sort of attraction at the beginning or else the relationship wouldn't have worked.

It's when that spark is no longer there that many men lose interest in women who previously had their full attention.

To overcome this, you need to put effort into the relationship, the connection and even to your appearance.

As shallow as it sounds, if a man feels that his woman is giving up on any of the above, then he will run for the hills.


They Don't Feel Appreciated or Loved

This may be the number one reason why a man is no longer interested.

If he feels that he is no longer getting the love or appreciation that he once had in a relationship, then he will try to find it elsewhere.

He will feel that because he is not getting the love that he deserves, he can get it elsewhere. Therefore, he no longer needs you.

This can be the most heartbreaking because it really hurts!

The easy solution is to show your man that you value him, care for him, love him and are so happy to have him in your life.

why men lose interest in women

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They Feel That Your Other Obligations or Responsibilities Take Precedence over Them

You may have children together or even from a previous marriage, you may have a demanding career, family matters, or any other number of responsibilities that take you away from the relationship with him.

This is life, but some men have a hard time figuring out where they fall on the priority list.

When they feel that they take a backseat to other areas or people in your life, men will immediately lose interest.

They may have hurt feelings, but it's much easier to move on for them than to be second in line to your career, your kids or your life as a whole.

This is a tough one to manage because we all have various facets to our life.

The best thing that you can do is make each other a priority and be vocal about your feelings for each other, even when life gets demanding.


They Aren't Getting Enough Sex or Special Attention

Men crave and need sex far more than women.

For many women, once they get into a relationship and feel comfortable, sex doesn't remain as high of a priority.

The only thing that you can do is try to keep that sexual connection and intimacy alive and well, but this takes work from both of you.

No matter how tired, stressed or overwhelmed you may feel from other areas of life, you still need to connect on this level.

It's about sex but also about the various levels of intimacy, and if you can find a way to make this connection a priority, then you won't lose each other along the way.

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You Grow Apart as a Couple and Find It Hard to Find Common Ground

If you have been together for a longtime, it's very easy to begin to grow apart.

Nobody plans for this or anticipates it when they are happy, but it's easy enough to happen when life gets stressful.

Rather than giving up when you feel worlds apart, this is when you must talk to each other and try to work through your differences.

Try to find areas to compromise and ways to relate to each other. Take time to date again and remember what drew you together in the first place!


The Arguing, Nagging and Negativity Become Too Much to Overcome

If he perceives you as a nag or even a mother figure, this will turn him off.

When the arguing and negativity outweighs the positive parts of your relationship, this will make most men seek attention elsewhere.

No man wants to feel overcome with negative emotion within his relationship.

When he thinks that you have become too hard on him or that you are nothing but a stressor, he won't want to be around you.

Discuss the important issues, but also learn to let certain things roll off that don't matter as much.

This can take a lot of stress off of you as a woman while ensuring that he doesn't give up on things because he thinks you're too hard on him.

Put these ideas into action and never let him lose interest. Instead these simple tips can help you maintain a loving relationship always.

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